The Grocers’ Charity awards about £1 million pounds each year to UK-registered charities. For our open grants, we typically provide one-off grants of up to £5,000. We receive over 1,000 applications a year and award 14% of the applications received, on average.

We only accept applications via our online form. Please do not send unsolicited information by post or email. If you are unable to apply online because of an impairment, please contact us before sending information by post.

Please follow the links below to learn more about our funding priorities, information on our Grant Process, Resources such as form questions, and learn What We Have Funded in the past.

Please note we do not accept applications from: 

  • Charities with a turnover of over £500,000 (except for Medical Charities, where the limit is £15m). 
  • Non-UK registered charities (e.g. Community Interest Companies). 
  • Charities whose beneficiaries are overseas.
  • Individuals. 
  • Places of worship. 
  • Educational establishments (schools, colleges, universities). 

The deadlines for an initial enquiry are: 

  • 6 September 
  • 10 January 

Please note, regrettably, due to our capacity, we are unable to provide feedback for unsuccessful applications.

We support programmes that reduce the disadvantages that people experience due to their circumstances or a lack of financial means. We fund charities

  • Providing training courses, better facilities, or parenting support. 
  • Supporting and empowering those who experience or are at risk of homelessness. 
  • Working in areas of high deprivation (English Indices).
Hospitality and Hope

Hospitality and Hope

We support programmes that help young people to overcome the challenges and barriers they experience. We fund charities

  • Building children and young people’s strengths and potential to empower them to participate and take action to realise their goals. 
  • Supporting children and young people's well-being through counselling, peer support, or group activities. 
Mark Evison Foundation

Mark Evison Foundation

We support programmes that help older people to live with dignity and participate fully in their communities. We fund charities

  • Providing services that end social exclusion. 
  • Providing befriending or other programmes to end loneliness. 
  • Providing services that enhance daily activities or home life. 
Claremont Project

Claremont Project

We support programmes that empower marginalised and excluded disabled people and promote social inclusion. We fund charities

  • Identifying and tackling the barriers to inclusion and participation. 
  • Providing front-line support for disabled people.  
The Limbless Association

The Limbless Association

We support programmes that promote good health and well-being, enabling people to live fulfilling lives and achieve their life goals. We fund charities

  • Undertaking ethical research into specific medical conditions. 
  • Supporting people with medical conditions by purchasing a piece of equipment, printing materials or another tangible project. 
  • Supporting people with well-being concerns or mental health illnesses. 
  • Having a turnover of no more than £15m. 
MQ Mental Health Research

MQ Mental Health Research

We support programmes that help military veterans transition and adjust to civilian life. We fund charities

  • Providing innovative programmes, education or employment for ex-service people. 
  • Supporting the physical, emotional and mental well-being of current and ex-service people and their families. 
Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

We support programmes that foster well-being and promote creativity, self-expression and social understanding through ideas, dialogue and performance. We fund charities

  • Providing opportunities, education and skills development of creative talent for artists with financing challenges or disability support requirements. 
  • Engaging with marginalised audiences, e.g., disabled, BAME, and people living below the minimum poverty threshold for the appreciation of arts, performances or exhibitions. 


We support programmes that help bring history to life and give people a sense of identity, place, and connection to the past. We fund charities

  • Conserving and restoring historic buildings (excluding places of worship). 
  • Conserving historical objects and paintings. 
Grinling Gibbons Society

Grinling Gibbons Society

We support programmes that promote a healthier, more sustainable environment and reduce emissions and waste. We fund charities

  • Supporting the protection and survival of plants and animals by maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystems, and protecting biological diversity. 
  • Connecting people with nature by educating behavioural changes addressing environmental issues. 
  • Countering the effects of pollution and climate change, e.g., ideas and projects which tackle the issue of plastic waste and those which help reduce carbon emissions. 
Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage